The Pattern


Life is funny. Maybe now you’re happy, maybe not, And it’s not predictable. hahaha, saya suka memerhatikan hal-hal yang penting sampe yang ga penting. Hal-hal itu yang bikin seru, yang bikin kita hidup, dan yang penting bikin kita mikir. This writing want to teel you my crap thought. sometimes I feel that life is all about pattern.  Kadang kita senang sekali, kadang sedih sekali, kadang ceria, dan kadang-kadang lainnya. And guess what? It’s how a pattern work.

Dari kecil kita sering ketemu orang baik, orang jahat. Ketemu hal baik, hal jahat, and so on. Jadi, bukannya ini ga lebih dari sebuah pola yah? The pattern that teach us how supposed to live and life in this god game. So the problem is, you must find what the pattern do you like the most.

Maybe, first I will ask, what makes you happy in life? A career, a family, good relationship with woman/man, or else. Because once you decide, then just go for it. Follow the pattern and you’ll get what you want. Nantinya, kita tinggal mengambil kesimpulan dari pola-pola yang ada dihadapan kita. Karena nanti kita bakal menghadapi pola yang sama so, stand up and just act. Don’t you say “ok, I know what makes me happy, but now what?” because like the other said that god work in mysterious way. Just follow your heart and then you will enjoy every single step of your life.

So, when people ask you “how you’r life?”, you just smile and said, “yep, life happens mate, a shit one and good one”.

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